Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up if I can use the Gallery already?

You can access many more options by signing up, including our best feature: build your customized keyboard! You also have the opportunity to create a profile, connect with users via a chat, share albums directly onto/from other users’ keyboard, and join the marketplace to buy and sell.

How do I organise my keyboard?

The “Canvas” section in your app is a mirror-image of your keyboard. You can add images, add albums, and drag-and-drop them to organise them for quick access. You can order hundreds Gifs, Stickers, and illustrations any way you want. The Canvas and Keyboard sync instantly as long as you have internet access.

Why can’t I drag and drop in the keyboard?

Drag-and-drop inside the keyboard is not possible because of other features that we have and will be implementing with clicks and swipes. Your Pixchange canvas is only a click away to drag-and-drop to organise the keyboard. They sync instantly as long as you have internet access.

How do I add my own Gifs and stickers to my Canvas?

Coming soon! We are working hard to provide you this feature. In the “Create” section you can choose to import from your phone’s gallery or any app with cloud storage. We support .mov, mp4 and .gif formats for Gifs>. If you add a png or jpg with a transparent background it will be converted to a sticker. If the jpg or png has a solid background, it will be converted to an artwork.

Who will see the images that I upload?

No one will see the images unless you decide to share the image or publish it. You are required to tag the image to publish it, and publish the album that it is located in. If you decide to share the image privately, it will land on the receiver’s keyboard if s/he has a Pixchange account. If you share outside the app, then the receiver consumes it as a sticker, Gif, or artwork.

Why am I blocked?

You may be blocked for various reasons. The most common reason is that you did not confirm your account via email after registering. We need this confirmation to prevent bots, trolls, and fake accounts in our system. In the worst case, it can be that you have uploaded images that are considered offensive by certain parties and that we are reviewing the case. Please contact us at and we’ll get things in order as quickly as possible.

How do I change my username?

Select the “Edit Profile” button in your Profile and type in a new username. Press the “Save” button to save changes. Your username will change automatically wherever it is visible in the Pixchange system. You need internet access to execute this action.

How do I change my password?

Press the Settings (cog) icon in the top right corner of your Profile page to open settings. Under “Personal Info” you will find the element “Password”. Open and select to reset password. You need internet access execute this action.

How do I report inappropriate content?

Look for “…” in the top right corner of the image in the preview screen and select “Report Abuse”. Please take the time to write a few words to specify why. This will help us create algorithms to catch offensive content faster and block offenders

How do I delete my account?

Please contact us at to completely remove all of your data from the app. If you sold images on the marketplace, these will remain in the purchasers’ accounts to conform to the no-refund policy in place in the app stores for digital purchases. All other data will be removed to conform with GDPR policy.

What is your privacy policy in simple terms?

We respect your privacy, and we have no intention of collecting your data. We will only collect the information that we need to ensure that users are not abusing the freedom of exchanging images and messages with each other to bully, deceive, or exploit another. We rely on the community to report suspicious behaviour and images.

What data does the Pixchange keyboard have access to?

Pixchange will not collect personal data via any of the features, including the keyboard. The standard warning issued by the app stores when you activate the keyboard may seem worrisome, but we have no intention of exploiting access to any of your personal data. The only data that is collected are the words entered in the keyword search bar; and that is only temporarily stored for search suggestions and retrieval.

Why can't I paste a moving GIF into some messaging systems?

We have tested our copy & share functions with 30+ apps across the span of social media, email, and messaging services. Via the App: without getting too technical, selecting “share” and the destination allows us to format the gif so that it works every time. By selecting “copy” we don’t know exactly where the image will be pasted. Via the keyboard: we can send multiple formats to the destination with “copy” to improve performance regardless of where you paste it. If you notice an app where the Gifs are not working, please drop us a line so we can improve: